Romantic Travel Ideas

We love hearing the wonderful stories when you return that you experienced the trip of a life time. I love creating unique experiences for you. Life is an Adventure, let JourneyWorX travel create your romantic adventures around the globe!

There is truly nothing more rewarding than planning a romantic trip.

Many couples don't honestly know of all the cool things there are out there when it comes to planning a perfect romantic vacation. Whether its your honeymoon, a special anniversary or just some time to get away with your special someone, there are SO many choices.

Most people think of walking along a beach together or soaking in the sun. While that's incredible, there are zillions of other places to go and things to do that you might have not even thought of. That's where we can help.

Romantic Adventure Travel

How about challenging your partner to some underwater diving? Scuba diving in Puerto Rico (or anywhere for that matter), is definitely a tad more adventurous than just sitting on a beach! What about hiking the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu or zip lining in Costa Rica? While you're there, do some whitewater rafting. 

A romantic vacation doesn't just have to be sipping wine on a beach! Get out there and really get into your vacation!

Romantic Cruises

There are plenty of warm water Caribbean cruises, and on ships of every size. Beyond the Caribbean though there are so many other destinations for cruising. 

A river cruise through Europe is a charming way to get up close and personal to many of Europe's most enchanting cities. A Danube or Rhine river cruise allows you to stroll cobblestone streets together, creating memories that will last a lifetime. There are so many more. Allow us to help you choose!



Romantic Sightseeing

While cruising is great, many travelers enjoy immersing themselves in the culture of a city or country for longer than 6 hours when visiting a city! European land tours, whether independent of part of a group, allow you to tour an area for an extended period of time, truly learning the culture of the area.

Europe alone offers so many different areas, where do you begin? The Greek Islands or the British Isles. Rome or Copenhagen. Dubrovnik or Dublin?

And then of course, there are destinations far different from Europe. A safari in Africa, a week in Thailand or some time Down Under in Australia or just a few more places that are perfect for a romantic vacation.



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