Specialty Groups


Specialty group travel is our, well, specialty! Whether you are looking for a family trip to Africa, a destination wedding, a girlfriend's getaway trip to the Caribbean, a high school senior trip to Washington D.C. or just a group of friends looking to get away for a while, we’re your best choice for creating the ultimate group travel vacation.



Orchestrating your Trip

With group travel, there are many moving parts that need to be coordinated in order for a trip to execute flawlessly.

At JourneyWorX, we’ve been orchestrating large groups of travelers for years. Every aspect for every person is created with the group as a whole in mind. Flights, hotels, cabins, transportation… all of this will be coordinated so that it is most convenient while keeping a keen eye on the costs and remaining within budget.

We research the best offers, make recommendations and present the best options to our clients. Sometimes convenience wins, sometimes budget wins. Hopefully, the stars will align and our team will present you the best of both worlds!

Give me a call and let’s discuss creating the ultimate trip for your group!



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